Universal Robots


Our automation technology includes solutions for some applications as well as special solutions for demanding tasks.

As Certified System Integrator of Universal Robots and partner of OnRobot we offer a wide range of solutions for collaborative use. Universal Robots is the market leader in the field of collaborative robots. OnRobot has specialized in the production of collaborative gripper systems. Universal Robots’ robots and OnRobot’s grippers therefore form an extremely user-friendly unit.

Fast changeover and programming times increase your productivity. The simple operation and programming is easy to learn. Inexperienced users can learn them quickly.

We also offer the automation solutions from EasyRobotics. Together with UR and OnRobot, we can create a suitable system for your application. We cover small, medium or large series with this product portfolio.

For particularly short cycle times we use robots from Nachi. Here we use the MZ series. According to the manufacturer, the MZ07 is the fastest in its class in the field of lightweight robots. With this, the shortest cycle times can be realized. The programming of the Nachi robots is also very easy to learn. Also with these robots we are able to use the grippers of the company OnRobot.

With these products we are able to cover loads from 3 – 16kg. On request we can also supply robots for larger loads up to 50kg. Here we also use the robots of the company Nachi.

We are constantly expanding our product portfolio for automation technology. Thus we can fall back on an ever growing spectrum of solutions for you.