Force-torque sensor HEX from OnRobot

Force/Torque sensor for every robot


› Unique technology based on the optical principle
› Easy to install graphical user interface, fast programming
› Advanced force control
› High accuracy
› Easy hand guidance, path recording
› Integrated software


The OnRobot force-torque sensor provides accurate force and torque measurement along all 6 axis. This gives you precise control during difficult assembly, polishing, grinding or deburring. In addition, the HEX software offers path recording, force control and special functions for insertion.
This reduces the integration time for your production line. Our sensors are suitable for most of the industrial robot arms currently in use. Common applications are polishing, grinding, deburring and assembly. They can also be used for teach-in applications and collision detection.

Seamless integration into the robot of your choice. For example Universal Robots, Nachi, Doosan, Yaskawa, TM Robot, Kawasaki, ABB, Kuka, Hanwha, Fanuc.

Unique technology based on the optical principle. Compared to other technologies, the unique OnRobot sensor technology is generally much more robust and resists sudden impacts.

Advanced force control ensures constant speed and force during the robot movement.

Precise force/torque measurement along the 6 axes (Fx,Fy,Fz,Tx,Ty,Tz)

Easy to install graphical user interface and fast programming. You can start your application development within an hour.

The gripper has built-in software that is easy to install and program. So even employees without a technical background can set it up.

Features of the HEX-E/H QC
Developed for all major robot brands: The HEX sensor from OnRobot offers force and torque measurement with 6 degrees of freedom. This makes the HEX six-axis force/torque sensor perfect for complex grinding or assembly applications as it gives you precise control over the force applied by your gripper tool. The sensor is particularly suitable for surface finishing applications as it provides constant speed and force during the machining process.

The constant force allows the machining tool to follow the surface contours of the workpiece, resulting in a flawless finish. So by adding the OnRobot HEX six-axis force/torque sensor to your production line, you gain optimization and productivity benefits without sacrificing the quality of your solutions.

Technical data

Dimensions: 50 x 71 x 93 mm
gripper mass: 0,347 kg
IP protection class: IP67

Please use the data sheet to find out about the technical data.

There you will find information about two versions HEX-E QC and HEX-H QC

Universal Robots, Nachi, Kuka, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Doosan, Kawasaki, Hanwha, ABB, TM Robot