Dual Quick Changer from OnRobot

easy and fast changing of two OnRobot grippers


› Low weight of only 200g
› ISO-9409-1 Flange
› Fully collaborative
› Integrated in all OnRobot tools
› No screwing during tool change
› Up to 20 kg payload
› ultra-fast changing of grippers


Do you want to use the OnRobot grippers as double grippers? The Dual Quick Changer double gripper system allows the use of different OnRobot gripping tools in one pass. With this innovative solution, you can use two RG2 grippers or one RG6 gripper with a VG10 – it’s up to you. Quickly switch between onRobot tools with the Dual Quick Changer to maximize the utilization of your robots. With this system, throughput times can be accelerated and thus the productivity of your plant increased.
Not only suitable for OnRobot products. The Quick Changer can also be combined with tools from other manufacturers. It can also be used for own constructions. Another example are existing tools, which can also be equipped with the OnRobot quick-change system.

The Dual Quick Changer is the alternative to the Quick Changer. This makes it easy to install two tools on one robot arm.

Seamless integration into the robot of your choice. For example Universal Robots, Nachi, Doosan, Yaskawa, TM Robot, Kawasaki, ABB, Kuka, Hanwha, Fanuc.

A simple push on the release button and the tool can be removed. The new tool is just as easily reinserted and pressed into the quick-change system until the lock engages. Thus, the change from one tool to the next takes only a few moments.

The Dual Quick Changer double gripper quick change system offers the same flexibility and fast tool change as the normal Quick Changer. The only difference is that you can now equip your robot with two gripper tools at the same time. If you equip your robot arm with two end effectors, two tools can be used in one pass. This allows an increase in productivity of 50% or more. The Dual Quick Changer has a low height and low weight and is suitable for all common robot brands. So you can use our tools with your existing robots and achieve maximum efficiency.

Technical data

Permissible force*: max. 400 N
Permissible torque*: max. 50 Nm
Nominal payload*: max. 20kg
Repeatability: +/- 0.02 mm
Gripper mass: 0,2 kg
IP protection class: IP64

QC compatibility
Universal Robots, Nachi, Kuka, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Doosan, Kawasaki, Hanwha, ABB, TM Robot

*Please refer to the payload diagram in the data sheet

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