ProFeeder Compact from EasyRobotics

The smart storage system for automated processes


space-saving cell: with its dimensions of 970 x 890 x 1008 mm, it fits easily on almost any machine.

intelligent storage system for robot applications: In combination with an ER Work or ER Pedestal, the ProFeeder Compact can be used as a storage room or intermediate storage. Due to the mobility of the cell, the ProFeeder Compact can be placed at other machines for further processing.

collaborative working: Finished workpieces can be removed from the ProFeeder Compact while the robot works with the cell. This is guaranteed by a locking system as well as the force torque sensor of Universal Robots e-Series robots.

simple construction: Due to the simple design of the drawers, different workpieces can be easily handled without much retooling.


The ProFeeder Compact from EasyRobotics is a robust robotic cell with compact dimensions that can be easily moved in your production.
The ProFeeder Compact is placed separately in front of the machine to be operated. Then an EasyRobotics EasyPedestal is positioned in front of the machine. The robot is located on the ER Work / ER Pedestal. The robot now takes workpieces from the ProFeeder Compact and loads and unloads the machine. It then loads the workpieces back into the ProFeeder Compact.
This results in advantages for you, such as more space in your production, quick adaptability for different workpieces and a mobile robot cell.

Thanks to the simple design of the drawers of the ProFeeder Compact, workpieces of various sizes and lengths can be processed without major changeover work.


The ProFeeder Compact from EasyRobotics is a robust robotic cell with compact dimensions that can be moved in your production.
The cell is available in 2 different versions. A distinction is made between the locking types of the drawers. On the one hand, the cell locks the drawers using compressed air or a mechanical system. The locking is necessary to protect the operator and to ensure a smooth running of the program.
The ProFeeder Compact is equipped with 6 drawers as standard.
On the surface of the ProFeeder Compact there are several ways to mount the robot. Due to the various positioning possibilities of the robot, there are almost no limits to its movement cycle.
Optional for the cell are GD heavy duty wheels and a docking station. This makes the ProFeeder Compact mobile and allows it to be connected to different machines in a very short time.

Field of application

The ProFeeder Compact, in combination with the ER Work, can be used in almost all areas of production.
It can be positioned on CNC machines or even on simple conveyor belts.

The latest technology built into the E-series of Universal Robots opens up completely new areas of application. Polishing, grinding and measuring are just a few of the countless possibilities for integrating the robotic cell into your production.


Mobility Option heavy-duty wheels, Stationary
Series size Small and medium series


Technical data

Cell dimensions: 780 x 610 x 1083 mm

Dimensions of storage tray: 600 x 400 mm

max. height of tray: 127 mm

Number of storage trays: 6 trays

max. weight per tray: 60 kg

Cell weight: approx. 200 kg (without robot)


Compressed air connection necessary for centring and locking by Airlock system

220V connection for robot arm necessary


For an automation an ER Work from EasyRobotics is necessary.
The robot arm is attached to the ER Work. Depending on the distance, a UR5/UR5e, UR10/UR10e or a UR16e is suitable.
Other robots on request.

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