EasyPedestal from EasyRobotics

robot base for almost any application


Save space on your factory floor by combining the EasyPedestal + one or more ProFeeder Compact – a complete solution for machine loading, handling tasks and more.

The machines are made of solid steel, as durability is critical when working with machine tools.

The EasyPedestal series is carefully designed to ensure that flexibility is guaranteed.


The EasyPedestal from EasyRobotics  is the solution for a pedestal to place a robot on lathes, conveyors or as a palletizing solution.

The construction is made of 6 mm thick powder coated steel with integrated cable trays. By dowelling the EasyPedestal, we ensure absolute stability and maximum utilization of the robot.

With the EasyPedestal the robot arm can move 360 degrees around the center of the cell.
There are 2 different versions of the EasyPedestal available: the Base version and the Pro version. The Base version contains a base on which almost every common robot fits. Meanwhile, the controller of the robot stands next to it. The Pro version has a cover around the robot’s controller, which provides additional protection against liquids and tampering.
In addition, there is the option of mounting one or 3 storage tables around the column. This offers a great advantage when loading machines or for intermediate storage on conveyor belts.

The base contains a compartment for the controller to protect the critical parts from dangerous collisions, oils, etc.. There is also space for other equipment. The height of the pedestal from the floor is 930 mm with a weight of 120 kg. The EasyPedestal from EasyRobotics can be used either individually or in combination with the popular ProFeeder or with the ProFeeder Compact. This makes it possible to feed different workpieces to one machine or to run several processes at the same time.

Technical data

Dimensions: 655 x 683 x 930 mm (Pro version)
Weight: 120 kg

220V connection required for robot arm

Robot cell suitable for Universal Robots UR10/UR10e as well as almost any other robot brand

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