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MiJET’s parts cleaning solutions offer an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to conventional compressed air cleaning. In many production areas, workpieces are blown off with compressed air after machining, whether for reasons of production control or in preparation for further processing. This process involves risks: The high speed of compressed air can not only remove contaminants, but can also swirl fine particles in the air, polluting the surrounding air with contaminants. There is also a risk of injury from the compressed air jet, particularly to the skin and eyes.

MiJET offers an efficient and safe cleaning method. This technology uses a mixture of compressed air and suction to thoroughly clean workpieces. This is done without polluting the environment or endangering the health of employees. Contamination is gently removed by the use of compressed air and sucked in directly by the extraction system. Liquids and solids end up in the collection container, while the contaminated air is cleaned by a filter. At the same time, we minimize the risk of injury from slippery floors and poor air quality.

The benefits of MiJET parts cleaning solutions go beyond environmental compatibility and safety. Clean workpieces enable smooth further processing and reduce the risk of malfunctions or rejects. In addition, the use of our technology helps to reduce the consumption of cleaning agents, resulting in cost savings and more sustainable production processes.

Overall, MiJET offers a holistic solution for parts cleaning that combines environmental protection, occupational safety and efficiency. Learn more about our innovative cleaning solutions and how they can optimize your manufacturing processes.

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