ER Work from EasyRobotics

mobile robot application, which fits to every machine


Compact robot unit: ER Work is suitable for applications where other robot cells cannot be integrated in terms of space.

Easy handling: The unit is ergonomically transportable and at the same time suitable for demonstration purposes in production.

Wide range of applications: In combination with a ProFeeder Compact, larger distances to the CNC machine can be bridged. In addition, a larger series can be processed unmanned. The ER Work can then be used again as a mobile unit in production.


The mobile robot ER Work from EasyRobotics is a compact robot station which can be used for handling work or CNC assembly.

The ER Work is most often used in combination with the ProFeeder Compact. Here the ProFeeder Compact serves as a kind of parts store. In this case the ER Work loads and unloads the machine. Of course, the ER Work can also do its work alone in front of a CNC machine.

Field of application

In modern productions, workpieces are often transported from machine to machine for further processing. The ER Work with its rollers is mobile in your production and can be connected to another machine in no time with an optional docking station.
In this way, an ER Work can accompany an entire production cycle and take over part handling.
With a UR5e or UR16e from Universal Robots, the ER Work is therefore ideal for loading and unloading machines. However, there are no limits to the application. It can also be used on conveyor belts or as an assembly aid.

The mobile robot ER Work from EasyRobotics is a compact robot station that can be used for handling work or CNC assembly.

With the use of OnRobot grippers you can also increase your productivity.

With the newly developed Quick Changer module from OnRobot, grippers can be changed in no time at all.

Grippers from OnRobot can be used in many areas. Workpieces of almost any shape can be processed with a three-finger gripper from OnRobot. That this increases productivity and is time-efficient, we do not need to explain further at this point.

The ER Work was developed with safety and maximum mobility in mind. The integrated rollers and handles make it easy to move and set up the ER Work.
Whether for the loading of measuring machines or pick-and-place applications, with the compact robot unit we make your production easier.


Technical data

Dimensions: 692 x 560 x 1002 mm

Weight: 45 kg (without robot)


220V connection for robot arm necessary


Robot application suitable for Universal Robots UR5/UR5e and UR16e.
Other robots on request.