SAMSYS is a young, dynamic company full of new ideas and high-quality products. Today’s SAMSYS GmbH was originally founded by the Swiss company SAMSYS SA (then: SAMECA SA) and has extensive experience in the areas of bar feeders and loading magazines.

SAMSYS products are known for their reliability. For this reason, SAMSYS is preferred by manufacturers of the highest quality precision-turned parts. Our customers demand a high degree of automation in their machinery and economically efficient production processes. SAMSYS bar feeders will increase your company’s productivity, which will in turn lower your production costs. We help make our customers more competitive! 

Company mission statement: "To meet the requirements placed on us reliably and efficiently in the best quality -
. Customer satisfaction for any size of company and any industry"

Samsys timeline: 1980 until today

In 1980

Development and branding of hydraulic bar feeders with exchangeable guiding elements under the names MONOSAM and OMNIAR. Several thousand devices in service.

In 1986
First short bar feeder

World premiere: ideation, development, and production of the first short bar feeder, marketed under the names MULTISAM, MULTISAVER, and SMW Spacesaver.

In 1997
Short bar feeder with servo drive

Ideation, development, and production of the first short bar feeder with Servo Driver. Several thousand devices in service.

In 1999
Founding of SAMSYS SA

SAMSYS SA took over business activities from SAMECA SA.

In 2004
SAMSYS SA joined the Böhm AG group

The Böhm AG group was located in Zella-Mehlis, Germany. Production relocated to Germany from Switzerland. 

In 2007

World premiere: ideation, development, and production of the Winning’Sam, the world’s first combined universal loader. It combined the advantages of an automated short bar feeder, which made possible the automatic loading and unloading of chuck parts, shaft parts, and castings. It also allowed for removing scrap pieces along with ejecting bar ends and chipping separation.

In 2008
Winning’Sam is awarded

The universal loader Winning’Sam was awarded the prize L’excellence en Productivité – Les trophées Industrie in Paris for excellence in production innovation. A jury of industry experts choose five winners in five categories from among many applications.

In 2009
Start of sales in Great Britain

With the founding of its own sales office, SAMSYS SA began to conduct direct sales in Great Britain.

November 2009
Relocation of headquarter

The company was relocated to Germany. As of November 11, 2009, the headquarters has been in Zella-Mehlis, Germany.

July 2012
SAMSYS becomes independent

SAMSYS GmbH left the Böhm AG group and became an independent company.

In 2014
Cooperation with AWS

Beginning of cooperation with AWS GmbH. As of 2014, AWS GmbH took over service and sales of replacement parts. SAMSYS is responsible for sales and development.

November 2019
10 years in Germany

We look back on 10 successful years in Germany as our business location.