EasyDesk from EasyRobotics

Automated cell for a wide range of applications


The EasyDesk’s surfaces enable quick and uncomplicated change of activity without major changeover effort.

With a lift truck, the EasyDesk can be moved from activity to activity in a mobile manner while still providing a secure footing.

The robot arm mount can be attached on 3 sides. Together with a 45° angle that can be mounted on the bracket as required, the EasyDesk not only offers maximum reach utilization but also a solution for countless applications.


The EasyDesk compact cell from EasyRobotics is a perfect tool for processes ranging from machine loading to handling tasks.
A cost-effective application that, in combination with a robot from Universal Robots, sets new standards in the field of precision machining. Equipped with special software and the help of URCaps, setup times as well as machining times can be greatly reduced. In addition, employees can concentrate more on more important tasks and increase productivity.

The ProFeeder Table simplifies your entry into the world of robot automation. The cell is optionally equipped with a latest-generation Universal Robots robot. This facilitates programming and protects the operator with its collaborative features. Therefore it is ideal for the first steps with a robot application.
The EasyDesk is available in 3 different versions:

EasyDesk Tray
A large storage tray enables the robot to insert workpieces into machines or to deposit and sort parts. In this way, the EasyDesk not only increases machine efficiency, but also reduces downtime and monotonous work processes.

EasyDesk Welding
The EasyDesk Welding surface is optimally designed for automated welding of components.

EasyDesk Alu
The smooth surface of the EasyDesk Alu offers many possibilities for handling tasks such as screwdriving or grinding processes but also in the area of quality control and human-robot collaboration.

The EasyDesk compact cell from EasyRobotics is a perfect tool for processes ranging from machine loading to handling tasks.
With various grippers from the Danish manufacturer OnRobot, the interaction between robot and gripper has never been easier. The programming and control of the grippers runs completely via URCaps. Installed in 2 minutes, you have an all-in-one robot solution.

Technical data

Cell dimensions: 1550 x 890 x 900-972 mm
Dimensions surface: 1200 x 800 mm
Weight of cell: approx. 300 – 420 kg (without robot)

220V connection for robot arm necessary

Robot cell suitable for Universal Robots UR10/UR10e
Other robots on request.

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