ProFeeder Flex from EasyRobotics

mobile robot application for various applications


compact robot unit:
The ProFeeder Flex is suitable for areas of application where other robot cells cannot be integrated in terms of space.

Easy handling:
The unit can be transported ergonomically and positioned quickly on machines at the same time and through the docking station.

Wide range of applications:
There are no limits to the application in the field of turning/milling as well as handling operations. In the field of handling, the ProFeeder Flex is already used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the food sector.flexible robot unit, for easy connection to different machines


The ProFeeder Flex robot trolley from EasyRobotics opens up new ways of account-friendly and mobile machine feeding in whole different areas.
It is placed on a machine together with a robot from Universal Robots. The docking module facilitates easy alignment and positioning.  Its primary task is machine loading and unloading. However, there are of course no limits to its application and it can also be used for handling work.

Application area

In modern production it is often necessary to move semi-finished goods from machine to machine for further processing. The ProFeeder Flex is mobile in your production with its rollers and positions itself with a docking station to another machine in shortest time.

The ProFeeder Flex is available in 3 different versions:
ProFeeder Flex Base: The robot is mounted on a pedestal. There are no additional storage tables in this variant, only a storage area in which the robot’s controller is placed.
ProFeeder Flex One: Instead of the storage surface, a storage table is mounted. Workpieces can be placed on it, but also KTS boxes.
Profeeder Flex Three: The number of deposit tables has been increased to three. This increases the unmanned processing time as well as the space for workpieces.

The ProFeeder Flex robot trolley from EasyRobotics opens up new avenues of account-friendly and mobile machine loading in whole different areas.
In addition, you can increase your productivity by using OnRobot grippers. Thanks to the newly developed Quick Changer module, grippers can be changed in no time at all.
In addition, OnRobot grippers can be easily connected and programmed via the URCap.

The ProFeeder Flex was developed with modernity and maximum mobility in mind. The integrated wheels and handles make it easy to move and set up.
Whether for loading measuring machines or pick-and-place applications, we modernize your production with the compact robot unit.

Technical data

Dimensions: 1095 x 1552 x 1062 mm

Weight: 120 kg (without robot)

220V connection for robot arm necessary

Robot application suitable for Universal Robots UR5/UR5e, UR16e and UR10/UR10e.
Other robots on request.