ProFeeder X from EasyRobotics

Robot application for large quantities


minimized set-up times:
Thanks to UR robots and integrated software, unnecessary programming work is eliminated and the robot is ready for use at the new workplace in no time at all.

perfectly suited for large and medium series:
Up to 10 trays allow the ProFeeder X to work unmanned for entire shifts.

precision work:
Grippers from OnRobot and robots from Universal Robots ensure maximum precision in your machine with a repeat accuracy of ±0.03mm.

space-saving cell:
With its dimensions of 970 x 890 x 1008 mm, it fits easily on almost any machine.

state-of-the-art collaborating robots from Universal Robots :
Force moment sensors in the Universal Robot detect collisions with even minimal deviations in the forces and thus protect your employees and your machines.


The automatic drawer system ProFeeder X from EasyRobotics with its up to 10 drawers is perfectly suited for productions from small to large series.


The automatic drawer system ProFeeder X from EasyRobotics with its up to 10 drawers is perfectly suited for productions from small to large series.
With its compact dimensions of 890 x 970 x 1008 mm, the cell can be positioned on almost any machine.
Whether 10, 5 or 2 drawers, the ProFeeder X can be adapted to any workpiece in no time at all. Beveral hole patterns are predrilled on the surface of the ProFeeder X, on which the robot can be placed by Universal Robots or Nachi, for example. This allows the robot its ultimate flexibility.

2 variants are available for the locking system. On the one hand the drawers can be locked by compressed air (Air-Lock), on the other hand a mechanical locking (Mech-Lock) is possible. The locking of the drawers guarantees protection for the operator not to interfere with running processes and at the same time to maintain productivity.


By pressing the release button, the operator confirms that he is opening and loading a drawer to the operator side. If the robot is not working on the drawer at that time, the lock (Air-Lock) opens and the drawer is open. The drawer is now filled with workpieces by the operator. He then closes the drawer and presses the release button again. This signals to the robot that it can process the drawer.
The robot now moves to the drawer and pulls it out independently. Using a gripper from OnRobot or Robotiq, for example, it now grips a raw part. Afterwards the robot clamps it in the machine after removing the finished part.
When the processing of the drawer is finished, the operator has the release to unlock and reload the drawer.

An optional automatic door is available as a retrofit for almost any of your CNC machines. It is fitted to the door to prevent the robot from having to push the door open by itself. This saves valuable seconds and again increases the productivity of the cell.

Technical data

Cell dimensions: 970 x 890 x 1008 mm

Dimensions of storage tray: 600 x 400 mm

Number of storage trays: 2/5/10 trays

max. weight per tray: 120 kg

Cell weight: approx. 475 kg (without robot)


Compressed air connection necessary for centring and locking by Airlock system

220V connection for robot arm necessary


Robot cell suitable for Universal Robots UR10/UR10e
Other robots on request.

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