EasyPalletizer from EasyRobotics

flexible and easy to program palletizing robot


The EasyPalletizer from EasyRobotics is a stationary palletizing robot for loading pallets with cardboard boxes or workpieces.

The system is positioned on a conveyor belt. Then the robot picks up the cardboard box or the workpiece with a gripper. Depending on the proramization, it then sets it down on the pallet according to the customer’s requirements. The integrated ER+ software facilitates the programming of the sequence.


In combination with the Universal Robots robot UR10e the palletizer is available in different versions:

On the one hand, the EasyPalettizer can be equipped with a base with lift. This makes it possible to move a stroke of 265 mm with the robot. Crates and workpieces can be stacked even higher on the pallet.
Furthermore, it is possible to install a fixed base. This limits the standard height of the robot to 855 mm.
In addition, the base can also be completely dismantled. This is useful if the palletisation will not reach great heights.

The vacuum gripper VG10 from OnRobot is ideal for palletizing. Due to its fold-out vacuum nozzles it has a span of 39 cm. Thereby almost any kind of cardboard boxes can be picked up and safely palletized.

For workpieces or cardboard packaging, where a vacuum gripper has no use, we will be happy to create suitable grippers for you.

In its design, the EasyPalettizer can pick up two pallets simultaneously. Pressure sensors in the loading station detect the pallets on contact and release them for the robot. When one pallet is completely loaded, the robot automatically starts to process the second pallet. Then the finished pallet is adjusted and a new one is placed in the EasyPalettizer. Meanwhile the robot can continue its work.


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Field of application

The EasyPalletizer from EasyRobotics is a stationary palletizing robot for loading pallets with cardboard boxes or workpieces.
Due to its design and flexibility of the robot, the EasyPalletizer is multifunctional:

Not only can it be used to load finished cardboard boxes and workpieces. It can also be used as an intermediate storage for goods, from where goods can be unloaded again.
Furthermore, it is possible to load both pallets at the same time. This can be useful, for example, for different products.

Its areas of application here range from logistics to production helper for semi-finished goods.


Pictures show the EasyPalletizer with robot from

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Technische Daten

EasyPalettizer dimensions (without base): 1350 x 866 x 655 mm

EasyPalettizer dimensions (with base): 1350 x 866 x 855 mm

Weight: 300 kg (without robot)

max. payload robot: 10 kg (minus gripper weight)

max. reach robot: approx. 1300 mm

400V connection required for palletizing station and robot

suitable for Universal Robots UR10e

other robots on request




Automatic loading: The palletizing robot EasyPalettizer loads pallets unmanned reliably and accurately with a repeatability of +- 0.03mm. Not only are the pallets always stacked with constant precision, but also at a good speed.

Multifunctional areas of application: Besides loading pallets, the EasyPalettizer can also be used for unloading or for simultaneous loading of two pallets.

Relief of employees: The robot allows us to relieve your employees of tiresome and repetitive tasks, thus releasing their potential for higher quality tasks.

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