Vacuum gripper VG10 from OnRobot

flexible and adjustable electrical vacuum gripper


› Payload up to 15 kg
› Configurable suction cups
› Independent air channels for double grippers
› integrated electrical vacuum
› Integrated software


Since the electric vacuum gripper VG10 does not require a compressor or an air supply, it is a compact and easy to move solution. This makes your production line more flexible and saves maintenance costs. It has flexible arms and an adjustable vacuum. This allows the VG10 to handle different objects in many different sizes. Furthermore, your efficiency is further increased because it is a double gripper. This means you can control the right and left side of the vacuum gripper independently of each other.

Seamless integration into the robot of your choice. For example Universal Robots, Nachi, Doosan, Yaskawa, TM Robot, Kawasaki, ABB, Kuka, Hanwha, Fanuc.

The electric vacuum gripper is equipped with double gripper functionality, a tool changer and various common suction cup attachments.

In addition, there are many third party suction cup attachments on the market to suit any application.

Due to the simple connection of the grippers and the operation and programming via the dedicated URCap (only applies to Universal Robots), the grippers are ready for use in the shortest possible time.
In addition, the connection time is reduced by the OnRobot quick change system Quick Changer and Dual Quick Changer.

Features of the VG10
The VG10 is a robotic gripping tool specifically designed for collaborative robotic applications. Unlike the vacuum gripper VGC10, the VG10 has an adjustable vacuum and adjustable gripper arms.
This makes it ideal for processes that involve workpieces of many different sizes and shapes.
The VG10 is a double suction pad. This means that you can activate the right and left side of the electric vacuum gripper to perform different tasks independently of each other. This shortens the passage time. The overall efficiency of your production line is increased.
The gripper has already integrated software that can be easily installed and programmed. This means that even employees without a technical background can carry out the setup.

Integrated electrical vacuum, therefore no external air supply is required. This saves maintenance costs and additional air ducts.

The suction cups can be easily replaced according to the requirements of the application. The reason for this is the configurable suction cups.

Technical data

Payload Nominal value: 10 kg
Payload Maximum: 15 kg
Suction cups: 1-16 pcs.
Typical gripping time: 0.35 s
Release time typical: 0.20 s
Air flow: 0-12 L/min
Vacuum: -0.05 to -0.81 bar
Dimensions: 105 x 146 x 146 mm
Gripper mass: 0,814 kg
Power supply: 24V
IP protection class: IP54

Compatibility VG10
Universal Robots, Nachi, Kuka, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Doosan, Kawasaki, Hanwha, ABB, TM Robot

Required accessoires for mounting on the robot:
– Single quick changer – robot side   or
– Dual quick changer – robot side   and
– Connection kit with Compute Box