Robot Lift Lift100 from OnRobot

7. axis for collaborative applications


› High payload lift for versatile seventh axis
› Minimum deflection for maximum positioning
› High reliability for long service life
› Versatile application with a range of leading robot brands


OnRobot Lift

The OnRobot Lift100 is a robot lift with a long stroke and high payload that adds a strong 7th axis to a wide variety of robot arms.
The Lift100 features minimal deflection, even at higher loads and high speeds. This ensures precise positioning of boxes in palletizing applications. Integrated safety features with stop function (registered for TÜV certification) allow collaborative use with human workers (after risk assessment).

Together with a Universal Robots robot and a palletizing gripper such as the 2FGP20 or the VGP20 from OnRobot, the system is ready for use in no time and strengthens your production.

  • Robot lift with large stroke for a wide range of future-proof palletizing tasks for leading robot arms.
  • Lift with high payload with minimal deflection, ensures precise positioning of boxes – even at high speeds.
  • Robust design for reliable, long product life under all typical production conditions.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with all OnRobot palletizing solutions reduces deployment time.

Efficient palletization is crucial for optimizing your warehouse and logistics operations. Discover the benefits of advanced palletization solutions to streamline your processes and maximize productivity.

With our robot lift cutting-edge palletization technology, you can automate and simplify the palletization process, reducing manual labor and minimizing errors. Our solutions utilize intelligent algorithms to optimize pallet layouts, ensuring maximum space utilization and stability while minimizing material waste.

Our palletization systems are highly versatile, accommodating various product sizes, shapes, and weights. Whether you’re dealing with boxes, bags, or irregular-shaped items, our solutions can handle them with precision and efficiency.

By implementing our palletization solutions, you’ll experience faster and more accurate pallet building, resulting in improved throughput and reduced cycle times. This enables you to meet customer demands more efficiently while minimizing operational costs.

Our systems integrate seamlessly with existing warehouse management systems, allowing for real-time inventory tracking, efficient order fulfillment, and improved traceability. You’ll have full visibility into your palletization processes, enabling better decision-making and inventory management.

Furthermore, our palletization solutions prioritize worker safety. By automating the heavy lifting and repetitive tasks involved in palletization, you reduce the risk of injuries and enhance the overall well-being of your workforce.

Stay ahead of the competition by optimizing your palletization processes with our advanced solutions. Contact us today to explore how our palletization systems can revolutionize your warehouse operations and drive your business forward.


Technical data

Max. Payload: 0 – 100 kg
Height range: 730 mm – 1630 mm
Speed: 10 – 100 mm/s
Positioning accuracy: ± 3 mm
Repeat accuracy: ± 0.5 mm
IP protection class: IP54
Power supply: 90 – 264 V
Weight: 86 kg

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