The robot camera Eyes from OnRobot

Flexible, customizable 2.5D vision system


  • Intuitive programming
  • Adjustable wrist mount or external mount
  • Calibration and part recognition with only one single shot
  • 2.5D vision with depth perception


With the robot camera Eyes from OnRobot, the provision of image processing for almost all collaborative applications becomes easy and cost-effective. Eyes is suitable for the sorting of a large number of objects. For example for CNC machines with metal parts defined by their outer shape and many other pick-and-place applications where alignment is important.

Calibration and part recognition with only one single shot takes only a few minutes. Programming is intuitive and fast. And with Eyes’ advanced, affordable 2.5D vision, you benefit from depth perception and the ability to stack parts without adding complexity.

The simple one-system setup for all leading robot manufacturers comes with software that is easy to install and program. Even employees without a technical background can perform the setup.

Calibration and part recognition with a single shot. Simply take an image of the work surface to calibrate the camera view. One image for each part you want the system to detect.

Seamless integration with the robot of your choice. For example Universal Robots, Nachi, Doosan, Yaskawa, TM Robot, Kawasaki, ABB, Kuka, Hanwha, Fanuc.

Due to the simple connection of the grippers and the operation and programming via the dedicated URCap (only applies to Universal Robots), the grippers are ready for use in the shortest possible time.
In addition, the connection time is reduced by the OnRobot quick change system Quick Changer.

Features of the robot camera Eyes
With the robot camera Eyes from OnRobot you can now easily sort and load unstructured applications with high reliability. The camera can be operated with robot arms of all leading manufacturers. You can attach the Eyes vision system either directly to the robot wrist or externally. The position setting of the robot camera can be flexibly adapted to your application.

In addition, the vision system can be seamlessly integrated into the robot interface and gripper using the OnRobot Quick Changer. The system can be set up quickly, so that retooling for new products or processes involves only minimal downtime.

Technical data

Type of vision system: 2.5D
Minimum part size: 10 x 10 mm or 15 mm diameter
Supported applications: Recognition, Sorting
Supported mounting options: Robots and External
Reconfigurability with Attachment to the robot: 12 configurations (4 x 3)
Around the robot flange: 0 – 90 – 180 – 270 (degrees)
Alignments and tilt angles: 0 – 45 – 90 (degrees)
Processing time Typically: 0.5 s
Repeatability of detection: < 2 mm
Detection accuracy External mounting: Typically: 2 mm
Detection accuracy Mounting on robot: Typically: 2 mm

Universal Robots, Nachi, Kuka, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Doosan, Kawasaki, Hanwha, ABB, TM Robot

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