Automatic CNC door

The porter for your CNC machines.


  • ideal for the automation of sliding doors on CNC machines
  • collision-preventing: system detects disturbances and avoids them by reversing the travel path
  • robust and cost effective application
  • Simple and quick installation


Automatic CNC door

The automatic CNC door AutoDoor was developed to automate the operator door of your lathe or milling machine. It is ideal for easy retrofitting to your machine. AutoDoor from Samsysis based on proven components from Siemens. It is a flexible automatic door opener suitable for a wide range of applications in the CNC machining industry. The system can be used for doors up to a total weight of 180 kg.

The solution offers integration into a higher-level control system by simple connection. It supports Profinet, Profibus and digital inputs and outputs.

Setup can easily be carried out during installation, as the motor automatically registers the setting of the up – down or right – left movements. The system is installed by automatic calibration during normal use under the supervision of an operator. It only takes a few seconds to carry out very precise automatic detection of the door’s travels and end positions.

The CNC AutoDoor is a robust and powerful product that will visibly improve your production in the future and drastically reduce cycle times.

The Automatic CNC Door system meets performance level “D” of the safety standard for machine doors EN ISO13849 Part 1

Especially in combination with a Profeeder, Profeeder X or Profeeder Compact an automatic CNC door is a useful extension for your CNC machine. It allows the robot to enter directly into the machine for loading and unloading.

Furthermore a CNC Auto Door makes sense also with heavy safety doors. It makes the operator’s work easier and reduces his daily workload.

Features of the CNC Auto Door:

Works with single sliding doors. EasyDoor has integrated security. If an obstacle is detected, the Auto Door reverses. Just like an elevator door.

Easy to install thanks to the well thought-out design. With a simple and quick setup, AutoDoor is flexibly programmable for different door applications.


Suitable for single-leaf doors or multi-leaf doors.

Various versions of the AutoDoor are available.

Technical data

max. door weight:

Performance level D of the safety standard for machine doors EN ISO 13849 Part 1


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