Short bar loading magazine Samsys-Smart

Our most compact short bar loader


  • No special requirements or restrictions on material straightness
  • Material rotates within machining area and spindle length of lathe.
  • Lathe spindle speed can be maximized
  • Material can be round or hexagonal
  • Material length can be uniform or random
  • Operating and maintaining easily
  • Small footprint
  • Affordable investment costs


Bar feeder  Smart

The small bar feeder Samsys Smart impresses with its high performance in a very small space. It is manufactured in Germany with first-class materials and components. The Smart guarantees long-term reliability. It impresses with its service and environmentally friendly design. It is an electro-pneumatic magazine. This means the feed is servo-controlled and the reloading mechanism is pneumatic. Due to the easy access to all parts it is extremely user-friendly. This makes it very simple to understand and easy to operate.

Due to the well thought-out design, set-up and retooling is possible within 2-5 minutes. Further features are the smooth material feed, an optimal control and monitoring of the material feed, as well as the exact positioning of the bar without mechanical stop.

Due to its design, the Samsys Smart requires very little floor space. A shifting device for easy access to the Spindle Liner is provided as standard in the X direction.

Compatible with almost all types of lathes. For example Mazak, Okuma, DMG Mori, SMEC, Doosan, Nakamura, CMZ, Takamaz, Hwacheon and many more.

Unlike the Multi 3000, the Samsys Smart can only load bars up to 1.2m in length. Do you have any further questions or would you like a quotation?

Do you also need a Spindle Liner for your lathe spindle? We can also offer you this as an option to match your machine Spindle Liner. For further information, simply follow the respective links by clicking on the terms.

For short bar loading magazines the bar length is limited to the length of the lathe spindle. Together with the SamSpindle the bar feeder Multi 3000 is capable of loading bars up to 1.6m.

By default, the short bar feeder can load round and hexagonal bars. Optionally, square bars and special materials can also be loaded. For square bars you need the square bar loading prism and for special material the universal Lifter.

Another option is the Mini Shaft Loader. With this it is possible to load very short shafts in a very short time. The Mini Shaft loader was designed as an additional option to the SamSpindle. This allows the bar loader to load both up to 1.6m and bars from 40mm length.


 Bar length 1200 mm
 Round profile bar 5 to 65 mm

Technical data

Total length over all: 1640mm
Spindle Stock height: 920 – 1300 mm
Material Rack: 650 mm
Material Rack Capacity:
Ø 10 mm 64 bars
Ø 30 mm 21 bars
Ø 65 mm 10 bars
3 pusher (standard): Ø 6 mm, Ø 10 mm, Ø 18 mm

Layout plans:

Layout Smart

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