Spindle extension SamSpindle

A reliable, simple and clean solution.


  • The bar rotates independently in the axis of the spindle.
  • The masses in movement are reduced to a bare minimum.
  • No friction; the moving parts rotate at a synchronous speed.
  • The vibrations are absorbed by the guide rings and the anti-vibration coatings.
  • The whole interior of the safety cartridge is generously dimensioned.


Spindle extension SamSpindle

The spindle extension SamSpindle, has been specially designed for the extension of lathe spindles. Together with the bar feeder Multi 3000 it forms a safe, clean and efficient solution. The SamSpindle operates oil and air free. There is no mechanical connection to the lathe. Only a minimum of moving parts and masses. These are: the rotating bar, the guide rings and the inner cage of the ball bearings.

The guide rings mounted in the roller bearings keep the bars in the centre of the SamSpindle cartridge. Thanks to this technique, round or test bars can be rotated at high speed, ensuring remarkably smooth running.

You can turn drawn, round or profile bars, with correct straightness, at the maximum spindle speed of the lathe. This allows us to guarantee workpieces with high precision.

The SamSpindle spindle extension offers maximum safety. It does not allow access to parts in motion. The moving parts (bar, guide rings, roller bearings) are all enclosed in the SamSpindle cartridge, which is closed by a safety nut.

Because the bearings are lubricated for life, that´s why the high-performance spindle extension requires little maintenance. The speed of the guide sleeve is synchronized with the bar speed. This ensures an exceptionally long service life.

Facts of the spindle extension SamSpindle

  • The bar rotates around itself in the spindle axis.
  • The moving masses are strictly limited to the minimum
  • No friction – the moving parts rotate at the synchronous speed
  • Vibrations are absorbed by the guide rings and vibration damping jackets
  • Everything is enclosed in a generously dimensioned safety cartridge

Matching the SamSpindle, the Mini Shaft Loader should be mentioned. It is the ideal complement for the Multi 3000 with SamSpindle. The Mini Shaft Loader is ideal for loading shafts of 40 – 250mm* length and a diameter range of 5 – 65mm.

We can also offer you a suitable spindle Liner for your lathe. We offer standard reduction tubes for draw tube diameters from 38mm to 100mm. Other diameters on request.


*max. standard length 140mm. Other lengths as option on request.


Round profile bars 15 to 65 mm
Hexagonal profile bars 13 to 56 mm


Technical data

Spindlestock height: 850mm – 1415mm

Cartridge lengths: 275mm – 950mm

Guiding elements: 2-6 pieces

max. speed: 6500 rpm

Compatible with: Mulit 3000


Multi 3000 Model 1640 + SamSpindle 500mm

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