A reliable, simple and clean solution. The existing models are continuously developed and adapted to frequently changing requirements.


Round profile bars

15 to 65 mm

Hexagonal profile bars

13 to 56 mm


A reliable, simple and clean solution

SamSpindle functions without oil.

There is no mechanical link with the lathe. The number of moving parts is kept to a minimum, i. e.

  • The rotating bar.
  • The guide bushs.
  • The interior cage of the ball bearings.


  • The bar rotates independently in the axis of the spindle.
  • The masses in movement are reduced to a bare minimum.
  • No friction; the moving parts rotate at a synchronous speed.
  • The vibrations are absorbed by the guide rings and the anti-vibration coatings.
  • The whole interior of the safety cartridge is generously dimensioned.
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