Spindle Liner

Spindle liner for draw tubes with a diameter from 38 mm to 100 mm


  • Rapid mounting and dismounting
  • Simple adjustment of the bars` diameters
  • Enabling the loading of bars of 1 meter length for short spindles (800 mm)
  • Flexibly deployable for round, hexagonal, square, and special material


Spindle Liner

To enable smooth reloading, especially with short bar loading magazines, a spindle Liner is required. Since usually the material to be fed into the spindle is much smaller than the spindle passage of the lathe. In addition, this provides better guidance of the loaded bar material. Suitable accessories for our bar feeder  Multi 3000, Multi 3000SL, Samsys Smart, and the automatic unloader Multi 30000 Remove.

SAMSYS offers Spindle Liner for draw tube diameters from 38mm to 100mm. The length of the reduction tube depends on the length of the draw tube, as well as the clamping device and the type of clamping cylinder. The reduction tube consists of a precision steel tube as support tube (1). In order to ensure optimum guidance, the rear (2) and the front (3) guide are adapted to the lathe. Mounting as well as dismounting can be done in a very short time with a few simple steps, as the reduction tube is only attached to the clamping cylinder with two screws. The POM bushings (4) can be flexibly adapted to the material diameter. Since you do not need to store a reduction tube for every diameter, you save valuable storage space. A Water pan extension (5) is also available as an option for safe covering and splash protection.


Applicable for almost all types of lathes. For example Mazak, Okuma, DMG Mori, SMEC, Doosan, Nakamura, CMZ, Takamaz and many more.

Quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the Spndle Liner.

POM sleeves ensure maximum flexibility and save valuable storage space.

The water sump extension catches the cooling water escaping to the rear and returns it to the water sump of the Sapnn cylinders. It also serves as protection against tampering.

It also enables the loading of e.g. 1000mm bars even with a spindle length of only 800mm.

Can be used for round, hexagonal and square bars as well as special material.



If you use short bar loading magazines, the spindle reduction tube is the right solution for you. But also for other applications, the use of a reduction tube can be useful to reduce the passage of your lathe.

To ensure the highest possible performance, we adapt all Spindle Liner individually to your lathe.



Draw tube diameter 38 to 100 mm

Technical data

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