Mini Shaft Loader

The ideal addition to the Multi 3000


  • Simple operation
  • Quick mounting and dismounting
  • Shorter loading times compared to conventional loading magazines
  • Machine will be controlled via the control panel of the loading magazine
  • Installation of the mini shaft load takes place by only one power plug


Loading short shaft with the Mini Shaft Loader

The Mini Shaft Loader allows you to load short shafts. The loading is done automatically. Do you have remnants of long bar feeder and would you like to process them? Or do you want to load very short shafts automatically? The MSL is the ideal complement for the Multi-3000 to load short shafts. It has a multi-profile loading prism. So you can load round and hexagonal material and all this without changing channels. Special profiles are possible on request.

Impact-free recharging thanks to the exclusive recharging cycle. The recharging cycle is based on the patented recharging mechanism of the Multi 3000. After fast and precise bar removal, the material is gently placed on the loading prism. The Mini Shaft Loader is connected to the bar feeder. This takes over the power supply and control of the loading system. The material is fed via the slide of the loading magazine.

The positioning of the material is possible in position as well as against a stop. Shaft are loaded and directly after the end of the reloading process the next bar is preloaded. Multiple pushing of the material until the end of the bar is detected is also possible. The MSL measures the material by light barrier during the reloading process. Thus, positioning is also possible without a stop. The diameter is adjusted with only one adjusting screw. This adjusts the separation and the material diameter.

Features of the Mini Shaft Loader

No separate control. The Mini Shaft Loader is fed and controlled via the existing bar feeder.

Simple assembly and disassembly. In connection with the SamSpindle, first remove the cartridge. Now attach the MSL with a screw to the base of the SamSpindle. The activation is done by simply flipping a switch.

Shock-free loading cycle. The material is gently transferred from the tray to the loading prism. Thanks to the exclusive loading mechanism, there is no uncoordinated rolling of the following bars.

Loading of round and hexagonal material is possible as standard. Square material is also possible as an option.


Round profile bars 5 to 65 mm
Hexagonal profile bars 5 to 56 mm
Square profile bars optional
Wavelengt max. standard length 140 mm. Other lengths are available on request.
Weight 24 kg

Technical data

Round profile: Ø 5-65 mm
Hexagonal material: Ø 5-56 mm
Square material: Option
Wave length: 40-250 mm*

Loading system
bar separation: gear motor
Bar feed: servo motor of the existing bar feeder

Electrical connection
Control voltage : 24VDC, plug connection with loading magazine
Keyboard, display: operating panel of the loading magnet

net 24 kg

* max. standard length 140mm. Other lengths available as an option on request.