MiniShaft Loader

Mini Shaft Loader: The ideal addition to the Multi 3000


Round profile bars

5 to 65 mm

Hexagonal profile bars

5 to 56 mm

Square profile bars



max. standard length 140 mm. Other lengths are available on request.


24 kg


Mini Shaft Loader

The ideal supplement for the Multi-3000

No impact on the bar feeder

  • Unique loading cycle by rotary movement.
  • Accurate bar selection.
  • The selected bar is gently placed on the loading channel

MULTI-profi le loading channel

  • From round rods and profile without changing channel.
  • Special profiles on request.


  • Simple operation
  • Quick mounting and dismounting
  • Shorter loading times compared to conventional loading magazines
  • Machine will be controlled via the control panel of the loading magazine
  • Installation of the mini shaft load takes place by only one power plug

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