MiJET part cleaning system

Combination Kit with fine mesh parts basket and dolly


Cleaning of parts is never been easier with the MiJET 20,3cm or 30,5cm . Keep workplaces and workpieces hygienically clean with the simplest technology.
An electrical connection is not necessary. Only a compressed air connection is required to use the device. The opening of the MiJet is either 20,3cm or  30,5cm. This contains a max part capacity of 1-28cm.


The actual task of the MiJET is to filter oily air. Chips of the work pieces accumulate in the container. Operators often tend to blow off finished workpieces into the machine. This quickly results in dirty working environments and poor air in the production hall. However, we avoid this by exhausting these fumes. Oils are trapped from the exhaust air and chips and coolants accumulate in the container.


With the MiJET part cleaning system it is possible to keep workplaces clean and workpieces hygienically cleaned with the simplest technology.
Firstly, a pneumatic motor drives a rotor. This develops a suction which sucks in the vapours produced. The part is blown off with the supplied compressed air nozzle. Therefore the workpiece is held in the opening of the MiJET. Afterwards the oil contained in the steam are then filtered. Chips, coolants and lubricants then accumulate in the container. The pneumatic motor is activated by actuating the connected compressed air nozzle. No additional electrical component is required.
Over time, chips and liquid accumulate in the container. These are simply poured back into the machining area of the machine for recycling.

Optionally, it is possible to install an activated carbon filter around the oil mist filter. This allows the exhaust air to be additionally filtered with aerosols.

Scope of delivery

Besides the MiJET part cleaning system, a basket for smaller workpieces is included. This can optionally be inserted into the opening. This has the advantage of cleaning several small parts at once. The basket prevents small workpieces from falling into the system.
In addition, the cleaning system contains a trolley. This allows to move the MiJET mobile from machine to machine.
Depending on the requirements, a foot switch can be optionally installed for heavier workpieces at extra charge.

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Technical data


  • with silent Silvent nozzle
  • Includes OSHA-compliant air nozzle,
  • 3.96 m long spiral hose with swivel connection for hose,
  • Fine-mesh parts basket with one handle
  • Carriage


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