Metal bucket for MiJET 20,3cm


bucket – steel with rust inhibiting inner side.

The metal bucket is used to collect the cooling lubricant and the chips. It is locked by two locking bolts. To empty, open the hooks and lift the parts cleaner off the metal bucket. Now you can easily pour the collected cooling lubricant back into the machine. Then place the parts cleaner back on the bucket and lock it again. If necessary, you may have to loosen the locking screws of the carriage. This allows you to lift the bucket out of the trolley.

If you want to place the MiJET under a conveyor belt or similar, you can also get a shortened version. This shortens the total height of the MiJET parts cleaner by approx. 11,5cm.

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Technical data

Normal height:
ca.34 cm

Shortened height:
ca.22,5 cm

approx. 30cm

Manufacturer article number:

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