Trolley for MiJet


The trolleys are available for the MiJET models 20.3cm and 30.5cm. The trolley makes the MiJet mobile. This means it can be easily pushed to another station.

The MiJET is simply placed on the trolley. Depending on the MiJet model, this is then attached using the brackets. Its castors make it easy to move from one place to another. This makes it easier to use the parts cleaner on different machines. The trolley is one of many accessories.

Another useful accessory is the parts basket. The parts basket is particularly suitable for transporting or temporarily storing small parts. It is simply placed in the opening of the MiJet. The employee can then place the parts in the basket. Now the parts can simply be blown off. The parts basket can also be used as a transport aid. The trolley and parts basket are standard accessories for various MiJet variants.

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Especially suitable for companies with environmental management.

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