Short bar feeder with servo drive


Round profile bars

5 to 65 mm, 65 mm, 80 mm, 102 mm

Hexagonal profile bars

5 to 47 mm, 56mm, 70mm

Bar length

150 up to 1240 mm, 1640 mm, limited by spindle length

Square profile bars



By using the Multi-3000SL you are able to bridge large distances between machine cover and spindle end of the lathe. Distances up to 400mm will be closed without an additional extension. With additional extension distances of 900-1000 mm are even possible. This bar loader is particularly suitable for machines with extended travel ways as well as for lathes with sub spindle.



  • Simple, safe, efficient solution for bridging large distances between the cover and spindle.
  • Unique, fast and smooth reload cycle.Easiest operation, fast on change over.
  • Polyvalent, reload your round and profiled bars; swiftly change to shaft work if required.
  • Maintenance free, due to its 100% electronic control for reloading and feeding.
  • Environmental friendly.

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