Bar feeder AutoSam 3.26


  • Hydraulic type, high loading and ensures silent turning.
  • Various parameter settings, alarm detection and function display.
  • Employs Mitsubishi AC servomotor to transmit.
  • Adopts PLC control circuit featuring excellent stability and easy operation.
  • High-density steel structure ensuring rigidity and durability.
  • Mechanical synchronized device fits sliding headstock CNC lathe and assures fast and stable feeding.
  • Quick-change guide channel easy and convenient to change.


Bar magazine AutoSam 3.26

The AutoSAM 3.26 is an automatic bar feeder with hydrodynamic bar guidance. It is particularly suitable for connection to sliding headstock lathes (Swiss-Type). Its field of application is in small, medium and large series. Its big brother is the bar loading magazine AutoSAM 3.51.

The bar feeder has a calibration-free material clamping which is carried out by collets. This saves time for material change due to the automatic centric positioning. Four clamping jaws ensure maximum hold while the collet is being pulled onto the bar.

The Mitsubishi PLC control system with PC board ensures extreme process reliability and simplifies communication with the lathe.

Compatible with almost all types of lathes. For example Citizen, Star, Nomura, Mazak, Okuma, DMG Mori, SMEC, Doosan, Nakamura, CMZ, Takamaz, Hwacheon and many more.

The loading magazine has a control panel with function display, which is used for the settings of the machine. Multilingual menu navigation and error messages are included as standard in the display.

In addition, a portable remote control box is available for comfortable and safe setup.

The bar loading magazine has an easily adjustable loading device. No tools are required to set the material diameter. This saves you time and effort during the changeover.

The Mitsubishi servo motors in use enable precise feeding. High speed and exact positioning is also achieved.

The abrasion-resistant quick-change channels enable rapid changeover. A positioning is achieved quickly. The channels minimize vibrations and noise.

The optional synchronisation device connects the loading magazine with sliding headstock lathes. This electronically coordinates the movements of the headstock with those of the ram. This device offers maximum precision and high reliability.

The optional telescopic nose is optimal for the use of sliding headstocks. It ensures the necessary operator safety and good material guidance.

The Anti-Vibration Device effectively minimizes vibrations. The centering of the easily replaceable dampers is automatic and does not require any adjustment.


Features of the AutoSAM 3.26 bar feeder

The hydrostatic bar guiding guarantees quiet turning operations.

Variable parameter settings, alarm recognition and function display.

Drive is provided by Mitsubishi AC servo motors.

The fixed steel construction ensures good stability.

Mechanical synchronisation allows the CNC lathe to be used with sliding headstock and guarantees fast and safe loading.

Quick-change channels allow quick and easy retooling.

Technical data

Size Model 22
L = 2840 mm
A = 2200 mm
B = 1525 mm
C = 342 mm
Weight = 380 kg

Size Model 27
L = 3340 mm
A = 2700 mm
B = 1740 mm
C = 452 mm
Weight = 450 kg

Size Model 32
L = 3870 mm
A = 3200 mm
B = 1810 mm
C = 452 mm
Weight = 520 kg

Size Model 37
L = 4370 mm
A = 3700 mm
B = 2178 mm
C = 583 mm
Weight = 600 kg

Diameter model 12
Bar diameter round: Ø 3 – 12 mm
Bar diameter hexagonal: Ø 4 – 11
Channel diameter: 14 mm

Diameter model 16
Bar diameter round: Ø 3 – 16 mm
Bar diameter hexagonal: Ø 4 – 14 mm
Channel diameter: 18 mm

Diameter model 20
Bar diameter round: Ø 3 – 20 mm
Bar diameter hexagonal: Ø 4 – 17 mm
Channel diameter: 22 mm

Diameter model 23
Bar diameter round: Ø 3 – 23 mm
Bar diameter hexagonal: Ø 4 – 19 mm
Channel diameter: 24 mm

Diameter model 26
Bar diameter round: Ø 5 – 26 mm
Bar diameter hexagon: Ø 4 – 21 mm
Channel diameter: 28 mm

Loading capacity Material Rack: 260 mm Ø10 mm x26 pcs/pc.

Compressed air: 5 – 7 kg/cm2

Power supply: 3 phases 200 ~ 240 VAC 5 A 50/60 Hz