Universal Erector

Load special profiles and rectangular profiles with your bar feeder


  • Allows reloading of rectangular profiles and special materials
  • Short changeover time
  • The loading magazine can still be used normally without lifter
  • Selection and deselection of the universal lifter simply via parameters
  • Can be retrofitted on all Multi 3000 models. *

* Depending on existing accessories


Bar feeder for special profiles wanted ?

To extend the MULTI 3000 to the bar feeder for special profiles, the Uni-erector can be mounted optionally. It enables the erection of rectangular profiles and special profiles for further transport to connected machine tools. Thus a smooth reloading process is possible. By simply setting a parameter, the erector can be selected or deselected. This enables a quick changeover from round material to a special profile. By deactivating it, the bar loader can load round or hexagonal material as normal. While with activated parameter the bar feeder will load the special or rectangular profile while the reloader is erecting. The use of square material is also optionally possible.

The erector consists of two opposite rollers. To erect the material, these rollers move together during reloading. When the bar is threaded into the machine tool, the rollers open again.
The distance between the rollers can be easily adjusted. For this reason it is possible to process different special or rectangular profiles.

This results in an extremely flexible loading system. Together with a SamSpindle you can process material up to 1.6m. To ensure smooth reloading, the Spindle Liner must also be adjusted. We are also happy to offer this to you.

Characteristics of the Uni Erector

Enables the reloading of rectangular profiles and special materials.

Extremely short changeover times.

The normal use of the loading magazine without erector is still possible.

Selection and deselection of the Uni-erector is simply done via parameters.

Can be retrofitted to almost all Multi 3000 models.*

To retrofit your bar feeder for special profiles or rectangular profiles, a software update may be required in addition to the Uni-erector. The erector is mounted on the loading prism of the bar feeder. Usually a new dowelling of the bar feeder is necessary. The ratio of slide to main spindle length (F dimension) must also be taken into account. If your bar feeder is already operating at the limit of the slide length, retrofitting may not be possible.
Did we arouse your interest? Please contact us and we will be pleased to advise you.

*Depending on existing accessories

Technical data

Applicable profile sizes: 26 x 6 mm to 55 x 25 mm