Oil separator PFOS-40CF

The oil separator Profluid quickly and effectively removes oil from the cooling water.


  • Separate oil from cooling water in approx. 2 hours
  • No more foul-smelling cooling water
  • Prevents (and aids recovery from) coolant-
  • related health problems
  • Prevents work piece corrosion
  • Less wear in machine components


The PFOS oil separator as an alternative to oil skimmer

The Profluid oil separator clean the cooling water of cutting machines in approx. 2 hours. Due to their well thought-out design they are very easy to operate and maintain. The oil separator separates oil and cooling water by means of a porous filter. This porous filter has an effective resolution and works without clogging. By the difference of the specific weight the oil drives the surface. The result is an easy separation and removal of the oil.

Regular cleaning and separation of oil and emulsion prevents health problems for your employees. Another positive aspect is the increase in the service life of the cooling water. Cooling channels can become clogged due to contamination of the cooling water. This can be prevented by cleaning the cooling water. Excessive wear of machine parts and corrosion on workpieces can also be the result of contaminated cooling water.

Unlike skimmer the coolant is pumped through the oil separator and cleaned by filters. The resulting clean coolant is pumped back into the coolant tank. Thus, the cleaning of your complete cooling lubricant takes place within a very short time.

Due to the mobility of the oil separator you can gradually free all your machines from the impurities. Therefore you only need one device for several machines. The contaminants that fall through the filtration collect in a separate container. The container can be easily emptied as required.

To increase the filter performance you can also use a belt filter. This filter with an additional filter band also filters solids. The paper belt filters are mainly used in machine tools. They are used, for example, in the machining of aluminium and cast iron. The belt filter is also frequently used for grinding and honing to achieve optimum surface roughness (RA).

Features of the Profluid oil separator:

    • The oil separator separates oil and cooling water with a porous filter This porous filter has an effective resolution without clogging.
    • The difference in specific gravity causes the oil to float to the surface. Asimple separation and removal of the oil is the result.

Technical data

Technical data:
Pump capacity: 400 litres/hour
Pressure: 2 – 5 bar
Fluid: emulsion with foreign oil
Model: Mobile / movable
Weight: 45 kg

Filter housing
Stainless steel insert
Diaphragm pump
Skimmer, Ø 100 mm
Magnetic feed
Oil sump

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