Perfect Turning with SAMSYS Bar Feeders for Machine Tools

Turning is an age-old technology: hundreds of years before Christ, people were already using rotating tool constructions to work on wood. The machines available today are admittedly of a completely different caliber, but are based on the same principles. Using automated processes according to exact specifications, these machines can handle bars of different sizes and diverse materials. At SAMSYS, we produce modern, high-performance automation devices for machine tools that deliver only the highest quality.

Automation Solutions
for your Machine Tools

SAMSYS GmbH’s bar feeders are distinguished by their strikingly simple design and easy, intuitive operation. Whether it is a short bar feeder, a 3-meter bar loading magazine, or a custom-purpose solution, we offer a wide spectrum of bar feeders for all of your machining needs. Our extensive experience, creativity, and flexibility also enable us to provide customized accessories and hardware solutions for lathes according to the individual needs of the client.

Our range includes the following equipment:

  • SAMSYS-Smart
  • Multi-3000, Multi-3000 SL
  • SAMSpindle
  • Autosam 3.23, 3.26, 3.51, 5.42
  • Winning'Sam

SAMSYS erfolgreich laden

Experts in Machining

Our customers require a high degree of automation in their machine tools in order to ensure economically efficient production processes. As an experienced specialist in machine tool accessories, SAMSYS meets and exceeds your needs. Our advanced bar feeders increase your productivity, which in turn lowers your unit costs. When it comes to turning, SAMSYS is your trusted partner. See for yourself how our machines will help you increase your company’s competitiveness!

Our units are thoughtfully designed and outfitted with the following advantages: Easy to use, quick changeover, reliable and durable.

Bar Feeders: Lathe Accessories

The history surrounding bar loading magazines is a long one. SAMECA SA, the predecessor of SAMSYS GmbH, made an important impact on the development of this technology. Previously, people used simple but crude iron poles as bar loaders, to which they applied oil for smooth rotation. This was the loading magazine, into which new bars could be automatically reloaded from a materials tray.

Eventually SAMECA developed its bar feeder (also called short bar feeder), which was the world’s first machine that could load bars of less than 2 meters in length into lathes without having to hold onto the end of the bar. This saved not only space on the production floor, but also allowed for more environmentally friendly production processes because the device is pneumatically operated and does not require any oil. Another later innovation by SAMECA SA was the electric-powered short bar feeder.