Product overview:MiJet

MiJET brings the advantage.

MiJET part cleaning protects the environment and creates more safety in the production area. Often workpieces are blown off with compressed air after machining. This can be done for reasons of production control or to clean the parts for further processing.

The MiJET solves four problems that arise when using this typical cleaning method:

  • Unhealthy air contaminated with oil is intercepted.
  • The number of accidents caused by slips and falls on oil
  • contaminated floors is reduced.
  • Cleaning times are shortened, with significantly lower consumption of cleaning agents.
  • Expensive coolants are collected and can be reused.

To use the part cleaning system, you only need the existing compressed air connection. The MiJET works completely without electricity. As soon as the compressed air gun is actuated, the MiJET starts its work. A ventilator sucks the resulting vapours into itself. The built-in filter takes over the filtering. Excess cooling water is collected in a tank and can be returned to the machine again.

To filter aerosols we also offer an additional activated carbon filter. This is put around the existing filter. Thus, even parts can be cleaned with cleaning agents before blowing them off.

The attached rollers make the MiJET part cleaning mobile. Therefore it can be used at several installations. Two different sizes make it possible to clean different workpiece sizes.

With further accessories the MiJET can also be operated with the foot via a foot switch. A solution for automation, such as robot cells, is also available.

Furthermore there are also wash stations with integrated washbasins. Like all MiJET products, this one is operated with compressed air only.

Please contact us and we will be pleased to advise you.

MIJET products stand for environment and quality!

Optimal if you are ISO 14001 certified.

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