High pressure pump systems

The high pressure pump Profluid for lathe and milling machine.

The high pressure pump with double filter version has the advantage that its process does not have to be interrupted when one filter is full. You can simply close one filter with a 3-way ball valve and open the other to clean the dirty filter without interrupting the system.

The Profluid PF70-20DF comes standard with feed pump, flow test, delta P switch, pressure relief valve and two 25 micron filter bags. The Profluid series with double filter is suitable for CNC lathes and milling machines, including vertical and horizontal machining centres and tapping centres.

Pumps handle fluids (incompressible fluids), including liquid-solid mixtures, pastes and low-gas liquids. As fluid energy machines, pumps, as driven machines, convert drive work into kinetic energy of the fluid.

In technical terminology, only machines for transporting incompressible fluids are referred to as pumps. The common term “air pump” is not correct in this language. In the case of compressible gases, one speaks either of a blower if volume is conveyed without significant pressure or of a compressor if gas is compressed under pressure. Thus, “bicycle air pumps” are technically not pumps, but piston compressors.

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