Accessories Loading and Unloading systems

Our accessories Loading and Unloading systems are well thought-out and are characterized by easy operation, quick changeover, reliability and durability.

Whether short barfeeder or bar loader for bar turners. Our product portfolio covers a wide range of possibilities.

With additional accessories Loading and Unloading systems our products become all-rounders.

Round, hexagonal or square bars can be loaded as standard. Special material is also no problem in connection with our accessories for swiss type lathe

We also have accessories for loading very short shafts.

In order to avoid the problem of short bar loaders, we also have a spindle extension in our program. With this it is possible to process material up to 1,6m. Although your lathe spindle is much shorter.

Spindle Liner are of course also available from us. These are available in standard diameters and lengths. Individually adapted to your lathe, our precision tubes offer a very smooth running. The supplied POM sleeves can be easily adapted to the respective material on your machine.

Special spindle liner are of course also available from us on request.

As pioneers of short bar loaders, we have a solution for almost every application.

We also offer barfeeder for bar lengths up to 4m. The small Autosam is especially suitable for long bar turners. Its big brother can handle bars up to 51mm diameter.

All our machines impress by their simple and well thought-out construction. Easy operation and maintenance are always a prerequisite for our machines.

Of course we also offer automatic unloaders. These can be equipped with an unloading tube, a collet chuck or a pneumatic gripper. So you can load, manufacture and unload your workpieces in one work cycle. The workpieces are simply placed on a material deposit. From there they can be easily removed.

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