With NACHI we offer you fast cycle times, precise handling and at the same time a robust and durable design of the industrial robot.

With the development of the first high-performance industrial robot in the 1960s, NACHI proved its high innovative strength in the field of automation. Since then, NACHI has continuously expanded its range of industrial robots.

Today, NACHI offers customized automation solutions with robots for all application areas.

Whether loading and unloading machine tools and injection molding machines or spot and seam welding in the automotive and steel construction industries, picking, packaging and palletizing components of all kinds, or positioning and assembling small parts in electronics manufacturing.

NACHI offers a comprehensive range of universal, flexibly applicable industrial robots. They are characterized by a compact design in combination with a large working range. To ensure collision-free operation in confined spaces, their cables and hoses are routed internally and they are equipped with hollow wrists.

Thanks to their high web speeds, they operate extremely productively. Their high repeatability enables precise handling and exact positioning of a wide variety of components when loading and unloading machine tools, working with drills, cutters and deburring tools, and packaging products.

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