Samsys EasyPalletizer


The EasyPalletizer is a mobile palletizing robot that is easy to program and operate. It can be equipped with a robotarm from several manufacturer. The Easypalletizer is available in 3 versions depending on the height of the load:

  • with lift module
  • with fixed base (height 855 mm)
  • without base

It consists of a Europallet sized console consisting of compartment for: robot controller, cables, hosts and lifting module. The EasyPalletizer is designed robust with 300 KG of total weight without robot and lifter mounted. Each side of the EasyPalletizer consist of a docking system for pallets that measure the placement of the pallets. For that it uses 4 pressure sensors on each side. Once all pallets have been placed correctly, palletising begins.

The EasyPalletizer is multifunctional:

  • Floor level palletizing.
  • Unload/load transfer systems.
  • Dual palletizing system (2 pallets simultaneously)

Pictures show the PartFeeder with robot from

Other robots on request


  • Precision
  • Operation speed
  • Flexibility for manufacturing.
  • Moving packaged units much easier, safer and less labor intensive.
  • Movable palletizing cell with fast mechanical setup wit a pallet jack.
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