Robotiq Gripper Hand-E


Gripper type



With its high accuracy and parallel stroke of 50 mm, the Hand-E is perfectly suited for precision assembly tasks. The sealed design ensures reliability even under the toughest production conditions – including CNC machining. The design of the Hand-E follows the best practices of ISO/TS 15066: maximum force, rounded edges, self-locking functionality and more.
This makes it the perfect gripper for collaborative robots.

The Hand-E gripper offers plug + play integration with all Universal Robot models.
The integrated software allows you to adjust the position, speed and force of the gripper so that it grips your workpiece perfectly. The Hand-E offers a seamless integration with Robotiq Plug + Product. To reduce cycle times, it is possible to integrate the gripper on a multi-gripper system. The gripper fingers can be specially converted and exchanged for each workpiece. By that, one gripper can be integrated for a wide range of applications.

Scope of delivery
– Hand E-Gripper
– Starter kit for fingertips
– Coupling for installation on a UR robot
– Power and communication cable with USB adapter
– Screw set
– USB stick for installation of the URCap*

Technische Daten

Wrist diameter: 75 mm
Opening and stroke: 50 mm
Weight of the gripper: 1 kg
Gripping force: 20 – 130 N
max. payload with form fit: 5 kg
max. payload with frictional fit: 3 kg
IP protection class: IP67

UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, UR16e
UR3, UR5, UR10 (CB3.0, CB3.1)

Required software version
CB Series: Polyscope Version 3.7+
e-Series: Polyscope Version 5.1+: Polyscope Version 5.1+
For older versions of Polyscope please contact Robotiq support.



  • 50 mm stroke
  • Easy to program position, speed and force
  • Eliminate changeovers and reduce tooling costs
  • Automatic part recognition, position feedback and part validation
  • Precise and powerful
  • Sealed for industrial environments
  • Compatible with ISO/TS 15066
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