Robotiq Gripper 2F-85


Gripper type



Together with the 2F-140, the 2F-85 is the world’s best-selling gripper for collaborative robots. Its Plug + Play integration quickly adapts to parts of different shapes and sizes. The patented finger design allows parallel inner and outer gripping and a unique cylindrical grip. The gripper also features an easy-to-use interface for all adaptive gripper models as well as automatic part recognition and position feedback. The high payload and clamping load as well as the easy programming via a dedicated URCap make Robotiq grippers indispensable in modern production.

The patented finger system of the 2F-85 enables both internal and external parallel gripping and a unique, comprehensive grip model.
The double gripper combination allows multiple grippers to be attached to the robot, which greatly reduces cycle times.

Scope of delivery
– Gripper 2F-85
– Coupling for installation on UR robot
– Power and communication cable with USB adapter
– Screw set
– USB stick for installation of the URCap*

*URCap can be downloaded from

Technische Daten

Wrist diameter: 75 mm
Opening and stroke: 85 mm
Weight of the gripper: 0,9 kg
Gripping force: 20 – 235 N
Max. payload with form fit: 5 kg
Max. payload with friction fit: 3 kg
IP protection class: IP40

Required software version
Polyscope 3.4 and higher is required to use the latest URCap plugin.
If you are using an older version, visit and consult the archives. You can also contact Robotiq support to get earlier versions.

UR3, UR5, UR10
UR3e, UR5e, UR10e
CB2, CB3.0, CB3.1



  • Der 2F-85 bietet Plug + Play Integration mit allen Universal Robots Modellen.
  • Sie haben die volle Kontrolle über den Greifer, um seine Position, Geschwindigkeit und Kraft so einzustellen, dass er Ihre Objekte perfekt greift.
  • Der 2F-85 ist für die e-Serie vorbereitet und wird direkt an das Handgelenk der UR e-Serie angeschlossen.
  • Die robuste, werkserprobte Hardware des 2F-85 ist optimal für industrielle Umgebungen geeignet.
  • Drehmomentsensor und 2F-85.
  • Durch die Verwendung von Doppelgreifer-Systemen lassen sich die Zykluszeiten stark reduzieren.
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