Robotiq Gripper 2F-140


Greifer Typ



Together with the 2F-85, the 2F-140 is the world’s best-selling gripper for collaborative robots. Its Plug + Play integration quickly adapts to parts of different shapes and sizes. The patented finger design allows parallel inner and outer gripping and a unique cylindrical grip. The gripper also features an easy-to-use interface for all adaptive gripper models as well as automatic part recognition and position feedback. The high payload and clamping load as well as the easy programming via a dedicated URCap make Robotiq grippers indispensable in modern production.

The patented finger system of the 2F-140 enables both internal and external parallel gripping and a unique, comprehensive grip model.
The double gripper combination allows multiple grippers to be attached to the robot, which greatly reduces cycle times.

Scope of delivery
– Gripper 2F-140
– Coupling for installation on UR robot
– Power and communication cable with USB adapter
– Screw set
– USB stick for installation of the URCap*

*URCap can be downloaded from


  • The 2F-140 offers Plug + Play integration with all Universal Robots models.
  • You have full control over the gripper to adjust its position, speed and force to perfectly grip your objects.
  • The 2F-140 is prepared for the e-series and connects directly to the UR e-series wrist.
  • The robust, factory-proven hardware of the 2F-140 is ideal for industrial environments.
  • Torque Sensor
  • Cycle times can be greatly reduced by using double gripper systems.
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