Robotiq Adaptive 3-Finger Gripper


Gripper type



The adaptive 3-finger gripper is ideally suited for modern manufacturing and robotics research. It adapts to the shape of the object for a firm grip. You can concentrate on the actual task at hand, not on gripping.

The gripper is the best option for maximum versatility and flexibility. It picks up any object of any shape.

The 3-finger gripper can hold almost anything with its 4 grip modes:

– Tweezer handle
– Spreader handle
– Scissors handle
– Basic grip

You can also control the fingers separately and get feedback from each finger.

Scope of delivery
– Adaptive 3-finger gripper
– Coupling and adapter plate for installation on UR robot
– Power cable
– Ethernet communication cable
– Grease for gear maintenance
– Screw set
– USB stick for installation of the URCap*

*URCap can be downloaded from

Technische Daten

Opening and stroke: 155 mm
Weight of the gripper: 2,3 kg
Gripping force: 30 – 70 N
max. payload form fit: 10 kg
max. payload frictional fit: 2,5 kg
IP protection class: IP67



  • The 3-finger gripper offers plug + play integration with all universal robot models.
  • With the embedded URCap software for universal robots you have control over the gripper.
  • Adjust the position, speed and force of the gripper until it grips your object perfectly.
  • Open up to 155 mm with the comprehensive gripping mode.
  • The proven design of the 3-finger gripper is robust and reliable, made entirely of metal and has a high payload.
  • Use the unsurpassed adaptability of the 3-finger gripper for your R&D projects.
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