ProFeeder X

Robot application for large quantities




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Larger series


The ProFeeder X is equipped with 2, 5 or 10 drawers. This makes it perfect for shortening your cycle times thanks to minimum set-up times. At the same time, it helps to increase your machine running times and allows employees to concentrate on more important tasks. By placing the robot arm in different positions, the application guarantees the complete flexibility of the robot.
Depending on your requirements, for the safety of both man and machine, the ProFeeder X is equipped with either a mechanical or a pneumatic locking system.

Specially developed for handling multi-variant productions, the ProFeeder X is equipped to meet all requirements of a modern, robust robotic cell.


Illustrations show the ProFeeder X with the robot from

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minimized set-up times: Thanks to UR robots and integrated software, unnecessary programming work is eliminated and the robot is ready for use at the new workplace in no time at all.

perfectly suited for large and medium series: Up to 10 trays allow the ProFeeder X to work unmanned for entire shifts.

mobile application: Depending on requirements, it is possible to equip the ProFeeder X with heavy-duty wheels. This allows it to be moved from machine to machine and perform different tasks.

space-saving cell: With its dimensions of 970 x 890 x 1008 mm, it fits easily on almost any machine.

state-of-the-art collaborating robots from Universal Robots : Force moment sensors in the Universal Robot detect collisions with even minimal deviations in the forces and thus protect your employees and your machines.

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