Profeeder Q




Series size

Larger series

L x W x H

1885 x 742 x 968mm


The ProFeeder Q material trolley supplied with the ProFeeder Q consists of four individually extendable drawers. This enables the automated processing of medium and large series.
The trolley is moved up to the robotic cell and pneumatically fixed. The integrated robot arm then pulls the respective drawer into the cell and processes the workpieces. It is not necessary to correct the program. Once the workpieces are finished on a trolley, it can be exchanged within seconds. This reduces machine downtimes to a minimum.

A cost-effective application that sets new standards in precision machining when combined with a Universal Robots robot. Equipped with a special software and the help of UR+ Caps, set-up times as well as machining times can be greatly reduced. In addition, employees can concentrate more on more important activities and increase productivity.


Illustrations show the ProFeeder Q with the robot from

Other robots on request


  • perfect for automated medium and large series
  • suitable for automated multi-shift operation
  • continuous production through carriage change
  • Palletizing software facilitates installation of the application
  • robust design for precise work
  • can be extended by further accessories (compressed air at the gripper, camera, …)
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