ProFeeder Light from EasyRobotics



Option heavy-duty wheels

Series size

Small series

L x W x H

900 x 860 x 925 mm


With a fixed storage tray, the ProFeeder Light palletizing robot from EasyRobotics is ideally suited for automated processes of small series.
A cost-effective application that sets new standards in precision machining when combined with a robot from Universal Robots. Equipped with special software and the help of UR+ Caps, set-up times as well as machining times can be greatly reduced. In addition, employees can concentrate more on more important activities and increase productivity.


The ProFeeder Light consists of a robust cell. A storage tray is built onto the surface of the cell. This makes it ideal for processes with small quantities or frequently changing workpieces.
Thanks to the latest generation of Universal Robots robots (e-series) and the force torque sensor built into it, the robotic cell is safer than ever. The robot stops at the slightest deviation of its programming path, e.g. due to a collision or a programming error.
Optionally equipped with heavy-duty wheels, the cell can be connected to various machines in a mobile manner.
The robot is mounted on a base which can be fixed on three different sides. The base can also be rotated. Thus the robot either sits on a straight surface or is angled at 45°.

With a firmly fixed storage tray, the ProFeeder Light palletizing robot is ideally suited for automated processes in small series.
If work is required in the area of machine feeding, EasyRobotics’ ER+ software makes programming easier. It is specially designed for easy programming of palletizing functions. The surface is calibrated and the dimensions of the workpiece are entered with a tool that is attached instead of the gripper. Workpieces can then be changed within a few minutes and changeover times are greatly reduced.
The ER+ software as well as the software of OnRobot or Robotiq grippers is installed via a URCap. Simply connect the stick supplied to the UR robot. Then start working directly with the accessories.


You have questions? As a certified system integrator of Universal Robots we would be happy to help you with your projects!

Technische Daten

Cell dimensions: 900 x 860 x 925 mm

Dimensions of storage tray: 600 x 400 x 60 mm

Cell weight: approx. 450 kg (without robot)


220V connection for robot arm necessary


Robot cell suitable for Universal Robots UR10/UR10e
Other robots on request.



Automated helper: The ProFeeder Light is perfect for the automation of small series. In addition, it can be reloaded in the shortest possible time to process larger series as well.

Fast changeover: The combination with grippers from OnRobot makes it possible to drastically reduce changeover times. Here the grippers are only connected via Quick Changer and the robot automatically recognizes which gripper it is.

ER+ : The robot cell is supplied with the ER+ palletizing software. It only requires the dimensions of the workpiece and a quick calibration of the deposit tray and generates a palletizing function without long programming. Saves time and increases productivity !

Mobile from machine to machine: Optional heavy-duty wheels make the cell mobile so that it can be connected to different machines. This additionally requires a docking station and a suitable machine interface.

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