Short bar feeder with servo drive


Round profile bars

5 to 55 mm, 65 mm, 80 mm

Hexagonal profile bars

5 to 47 mm, 56 mm, 70 mm, 85 mm

Square profile bars


Bar length

150 up to 1240 mm, 1640 mm, limited by spindle length


6 good reasons to run short bars

  • Reduction of mass in movement.
  • Material guiding in the lathe spindle enables to utilise full lathe performances.
  • Increase spindle life time.
  • Easy material handling.
  • No bar chamfering.
  • Reduction in ambient noise.


  • A simple, precise and proven concept.
  • Unique, fast and smooth reload cycle.
  • Easiest operation, fast on change over.
  • Polyvalent, reload your round and profi led bars; swiftly change to shaft work if required.
  • Maintenance free, due to its 100 % electronic control for reloading and feeding.
  • Environmental friendly.
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