High pressure pump Profluid PF70-20DF/-30DF


  • Improved process control
  • Longer tooling time
  • Higher machining capacity
  • Improved surface quality
  • Less braid formation


High pressure pump Profluid PF70-20DF/-30DF

The high pressure pump Profluid with double filter version have the advantage that their process does not have to be interrupted when one filter is full. You can simply close one filter with a 3-way ball valve and open the other to clean the dirty filter without interrupting the system.

The Profluid PF70-20DF/-30DF comes standard with feed pump, flow test, delta P switch, pressure relief valve and two 25 micron filter bags. It is suitable for CNC-lathe machines and milling machines, including vertical and horizontal machining centres and tapping centres.

The Profluid high pressure pumps with double filter are available in two different versions. There is also a series with a single filter and a series with a larger working pressure range. Within this Profluid series there is always a high pressure pump for your lathe or milling machine. Our representatives can help you to choose the right high pressure pump.

Recently, interest in high-pressure fluid has grown as machine tools tend to be high-speed and high-precision. At low pressure (below 14kgf/cm²), vapour barriers are created by the cutting speed of machine tools. This results in blocking of the cutting fluid. The cutting fluid loses its function before it can enter the cutting zone by evaporation. On the other hand, cutting fluid can reach the cutting zone under high pressure (over 20kgf/cm²). You can achieve the following:

  1. Frictionless lubrication and cooling effect
  2. The cutting ability is improved
  3. Improvement of tool life by eliminating the phenomenon of chip regrooving
  4. Improvement of the cut surface roughness
  5. Smooth chip removal effect
  6. deburring effect
  7. Smooth cut and improvement of the cutting ability for special processes such as deep hole machining and difficult to cut material processing

A comparison between a conventional cutting fluid and a 70kgf/cm² high pressure cutting fluid shows the following result:

  • 20% reduction in cycle time due to improved cutting speed and feed rate
  • 50% improvement in tool life

characteristics when drilling, boring etc.:

  • The cutting fluid is fed to a machining point with the highest pressure.
  • Chips are effectively discharged from a deep hole by reflected pressure and cutting fluid.
  • The drill can perform a more difficult machining operation and thus reduce the working time.
  • The life of the tool is significantly increased compared to the use of low pressure cutting fluid.

Features when turning:

  • Spraying cutting fluid directly at a machining point will create a greatly reduced heat zone.
  • Cutting chips into small pieces increases the chip removal capacity. Thus we prevent the re-cutting of chips. This results in a longer tool life.
  • Depending on the application, a cutting hydraulic wedge effect can be generated. This reduces tool wear by cooling the contact zone between chip and tool.

Technical data

Model PF70-20DF
Motor: 3.7 kW
Capacity: 17 l / min
Working pressure: 70 bar
Dimensions: 700x940x1340 mm
Weight: 285 kg
Colour: dark grey

Model PF70-30DF
Motor: 5.5 kW
Capacity: 25 l / min
Working pressure: 70 bar
Dimensions: 700x940x1340 mm
Weight: 300 kg
Colour: dark grey

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