Stainless steel parts basket for MiJET model 30,5cm


This filter strainer is suitable for 30,5cm MiJET models with bevelled top. It is a very fine-meshed stainless steel parts basket.

Accessories for the MiJET Washing station 30,5cm. Can also be used for the MiJET model 30,5cm.

Workpieces can be transported and blown off with the filter strainer. The screen fits exactly into the opening of the MiJET. The parts can be temporarily stored here for draining. After blowing off, the parts can be transported in the parts basket to your next station. Especially useful for small workpieces, because the existing protective screen in the MiJET is not suitable for small workpieces.

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Technical data

43,18cm x 25,73cm x 28,57cm

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