ER Work


ER Work – Mobile Cobot platform

The mobile Cobot platform ER Work is a compact workstation specially designed for safe cooperation with robot arms. The ER Work is designed for use in fully or partially automated production environments that require a high degree of flexibility and fast integration. The main focus is on its mobility and easy handling. The integrated rollers and handles also facilitate easy movement and insertion.

The ER Work mobile Cobot unit can be used to advantage in production automation where, for example, CNC machines are close together and where space is too limited for ProFeeder robot cells.

Demonstration of robot arms and production optimization
The ER Work is also a functional tool for demonstration purposes of robots and robot arms, supporting staff training, workshops and partners at exhibitions to learn how to work with robots. The ER Work can be easily moved to different production sites for demonstration and course situations.


Illustrations show the ER Work with the robot from

Other robots on request


  • Applications where other robot cells cannot be integrated in terms of space
  • Ergonomic movement of the robot for demonstration purposes or in production
  • Mobility and compact size of the ER Work allows for robot and robot demonstrations in the customer’s production environment
  • In combination with a ProFeeder X Compact, larger distances to the CNC machine can be bridged
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