Pneumatic motor for MiJET model 30,5 cm


Drive motor for MiJET model 30,5 cm

Suitable for MiJET 30,5 cm and washing station with MiJET 30,5 cm. Supplied without valve and fan. The ventilator is only secured with a screw. Loosen it and remove the fan from the defective drive motor. Now you can put the fan on the shaft of the new motor. Then re-fasten the locking screw. The drive motor is only clamped in the parts cleaner. The pneumatic motor is only clamped in the parts cleaner. This connection is screwed into the valve from the outside through the housing. The valve must also be replaced when replacing the motor. Unless you have also purchased a new valve. Make sure that you seal the valve properly again. The distance must also be maintained so that the motor is ultimately located centrally in the housing.

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Do you already know our activated carbon filter for MiJET parts cleaning systems? These are simply attached around the oil mist filter of the MiJET Parts Cleaner. Thus you can also filter aerosols from the extracted vapours. Especially suitable for companies with a certification in environmental management DIN ISO 14001. Due to the additional filtering, the use of cleaning agents is possible. So you can clean and blow off the manufactured workpieces directly at your machine.

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without valve and fan

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