Dormatec Oil Mist Filter AF-10P


With our Air Cleaners,  supplies we spray filters for the effective extraction and filtering of emulsion spray, oil spray, smoke and unpleasant smells produced by lathes, milling machines and machining centres. That enables you to provide your employees with a healthy working environment, heat and unpleasant smells are effectively channelled off and emulsion can be reused.

The filters feature a multi-stage filtration system, with cleanable and reusable elements, that effectively (99.97%) removes harmful emissions, substances and aerosols from the air.


  •  Prevents health problems
  •  Minimises cleaning costs 
  •  Facilitates the reuse of emulsion
  •  Reduces the risk of accidents
  •  Discharges heat from the machine
  •  Prevents hotbeds
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