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Mini Shaft Loader

The ideal supplement for the Multi-3000

Enabling the loading of shafts from 40 – 250 mm* in length.

Diameter range of 5 - 65mm.

Your advantages

  •  Simple operation

  •  Quick mounting and dismounting

  •  Shorter loading times compared to conventional loading magazines

  •  Machine will be controlled via the control panel of the loading magazine

  •  Installation of the mini shaft load takes place by only one power plug

No impact on the bar feeder

  • Unique loading cycle by rotary movement.

  • Accurate bar selection.

  • The selected bar is gently placed on the loading channel

MULTI-profi le loading channel

  • From round rods and profile without changing channel.
  • Special profiles on request.

Specification and technical data:

Capacity                                      round bars                                  Ø 5-65 mm

                                                   hex bars                                      Ø 5-56 mm

                                                   square bars                                 on request

                                                   shaft length                                 40-250 mm

Loading system                          material selection                        gear motor

                                                   material feed                               servo motor of existing loading magazine
Electrical connections                  secondary                                   24V, plug connection with loading

                                                   keyboard, display                        control panel of the feeder

Weight                                        netto                                           24 kg

Mini Shaft Loader product Brochure download  

* Max. standard length 140 mm. Other lengths are available on request.