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A reliable, simple and clean solution. The existing models are continuously developed and adapted to frequently changing requirements.

No mechanical link between SamSpindle and your lathe.





Standard lengths

 275 350 425 500 575 650 725 800
Number of guide elements 


(Special lengths on request)

A reliable, simple and clean solution

SamSpindle funktions without oil.

There is no mechanical link with the lathe. The number of moving parts is kept to a minimum, i. e.

• The rotating bar.
• The guide bushs.
• The interior cage of the ball bearings.

Guiding technique

The bar is held in the centre of a supporting tube by guide rings
mounted in the captive bearings of the SamSpindle cartridge.

This technique permits the highspeed turning of round or profiled
bars, whilst ensuring remarkably smooth running.

High rotation speeds

It is possible to process drawn, round or profiled bars of the appropriate straightness at maximum speeds of the lathe spindle whilst guaranteeing high precision parts.


SamSpindle offers maximum safety.

No access is possible to the moving parts. The moving parts (bar, guide rings, bearings) are all captive in the SamSpindle cartridge which in turn is safeguarded by a safety lock-nut.

The SamSpindle cartridge is locked by safety clamps interfaced at the lathe via the feeder.
The lathe spindle rotation can only be enabled if the clamps of the SamSpindle cartridge are correctly locked.

The facts:

• The bar rotates independently in the axis of the spindle.

• The masses in movement are reduced to a bare minimum.

• No friction; the moving parts rotate at a synchronous speed.

• The vibrations are absorbed by the guide rings and the anti-vibration coatings.

• The whole interior of the safety cartridge is generously dimensioned.


Bearings lubricated for life.

The speed of the guide sleeve C is the rod speed sync. This ensures an exceptionally long service life.

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