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The benefits of MULTI-3000SL

  • A simple, safe, efficient solution for bridging large distances between the cover and spindle.

  • Unique, fast and smooth reload cycle.

  • Easiest operation, fast on change over.

  • Polyvalent, reload your round and profiled bars; swiftly change to shaft work if required.

  • Maintenance free, due to its 100% electronic control for reloading and feeding. 
    Environmental friendly.


Loading cycle

  • Loading of the bar on the V-loading channel
  • First introduction
  • Positioning without turret stop
  • Feed with or without turret stop
  • Ejection of remnant

No impact on the lathe

V-loading channel remains fixed and perfectly aligned with the lathe spindle during the barfeed cycle.

  • No risk of impact by the bar on the lathe clamping cylinder.
  • The ”Servo“ permits accurate positioning of the bar without turret stop.

No impact on the bar feeder

  • Unique loading cycle by rotary movement.
  • Accurate bar selection.
  • Bars stored on the table follow the movement and are retained by the selector grippes.
  • The selected bar is gently placed on the V loader.

MULTI-profile V-loading channel

From round rods and profile without changing channels.
Special profiles on request.

Download your bars and shafts!




Automatic reload of the bars and shafts, with MULTI - family
is just a simple question of parameter alteration.

Shortest Leftovers

MULTI-3000SL accomodates bars of varying lengths to be loaded succussfully and minimize remnant length.
(This requires a software adjustment on the lathe.)

Set up in 2 to 5 minutes

  • Unlock and lower V loader.
  • Replace spindle reduction sleeve.
  • Raise V loader, center new bar, lock V loader.
  • Move table or adjust loading grippers according to the new bar.
  • Enter part parameters.

Easy access for quick changeover

Easy change of spindle reduction sleeve up to Ø 140 mm without retracting barfeeder!

User friendly key-board

Easy to handle and understand, all functions are controlled
with only 12 input buttons.

High perfomance electronic control

The control developed by SAMSYS will simplify use.
Its interactive editor permanently displays:

  • Position and status
  • Signals received and sent.

Its self-diagnosis system permits easy rectifi cation of any problem.

High speed machining

Material guiding in the spindle by reduction sleeves allows precision
machining at high speed.

No bar chamfering

No need to chamfer your bars,
only deburr.

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