Products  –  Autosam-3.26

AutoSam 3.26 - Features:

L = 2200, 2700, 3200, 3700 mm / Ø 3 – Ø 26 mm

• Hydraulic type, high loading and ensures silent turning.

• Various parameter settings, alarm detection and function display.

• Employs Mitsubishi AC servomotor to transmit.

• Adopts PLC control circuit featuring excellent stability and easy operation.

• High-density steel structure ensuring rigidity and durability.

• Mechanical synchronized device fits sliding headstock CNC lathe and assures fast and stable feeding.

• Quick-change guide channel easy and convenient to change.




Clamping cutter in-feed device

Without adjustable clamping cutter, automatic positioning in-feed center
to save the time for changing material.

4 pieces of gripper device stable clamping cutter and no loose.

Multi-function PLC control system

Adopts Mitsubishi PLC with PC Board. Excellent stability and easy to cooperate with the interface of CNC lathe.

Multi language humanmachine interface settings and function display.

Display the alarm list, convenient troubleshooting.

Remote control box

Remote control box allows safety and convenience operation.

Loading adjustment device

Easy to adjust size of material for convenience.

Transmission device

Adopts Mitsubishi servomotor to drive. Provides accurate feeding torque, speed and position.

Synchronization device (optional)

Mechanical synchronizaion device moves with headstock synchronously.

The device can be applied for sliding headstock lathe. The device can effectively eliminate to distort a bar and
ensure feeding quickly.

Telescopic front nose (optional)

Especially ideal for use with sliding headstock lathe.

The device prevents to distort for far feeding distance with headstock from the bar feeder while manufacturing a small bar.

Anti-vibration device

Minimizes vibration and noise effectively.

Removable clamping anti-vibration, easy to change without any adjustments.